Sabbath School meets at 10:30 am every first Sabbath of the month. We are currently studying the Fruits of the Spirit.

Our lesson this month is about Gentleness, and we sure had an " eggciting " lesson!

First we played the "egg toss" game.

DOn’t drop the egg, Ms. Beth!

DOn’t drop the egg, Ms. Beth!

Then we got to see "baby" Grace.

We handled her as gently as if she were a real baby.


The children and I are planning a special performance for our "Sabbath School Awards" later this year.. to that end, we've been learning some ASL and other motions to go along with our Fruits of the Spirit song.

The ASL sign for "gentle" looks like this:

(wiggle your fingers a bit)


It kind of looks like we are touching something that is soft, doesn't it?

We talked about the kind of "softness" we should have toward God. to be soft, like soft clay.

Isaiah 64:8 and Jeremiah 18:2:-6 talk about God molding us like clay, He is the potter, and In His Hands we become more like Him.

What about the Fruit of gentleness as it relates to other people?

Gentleness is a tender, caring approach toward others It recognizes that others can be weak.

Why wouldn't we play toss the egg with real eggs? Or handle a real baby roughly?

They can get broken and be hurt easily.

We should be equally careful with the feelings of others. This doesn't mean that we do not stand up for what's right, or for ourselves or others we love. But it means we weigh our words carefully and think about what we say. We try our best not to hurt others. Proverbs 15:1 says : A gentle answer turns away anger, but a harsh word stirs up wrath.

We're also gentle with people because we recognize their value. Would you be careless with something very valuable, like an expensive vase? All people are valuable to God. He made them, and He loves them.. and we should too!

To remind us to be gentle and soft, we finished our lesson by making one of God's gentlest creatures: the Butterfly!


That's it for this month! If you have any questions or suggestions, or would like access to the full lesson plan, please feel free to contact me.

See you in August!